Safety Collar



All safety collars are black with a silver ring at either end. Safety collars are available in four sizes:

  • Extra Small: Fits Up to 13"
  • Small: Fits Up to 16"
  • Medium: Fits Up to 21"
  • Large: Fits Up to 24"

Measure the length of your dog's regular collar in order to find the appropriate safety collar length.

How to Use the Safety Collar

A safety collar should be used anytime you are using a doggo retractable leash. The safety collar is designed to prevent snap back if your dog's collar break or if the leash disconnects from your dog's collar during a walk.

To attach the safety collar:

  1. Place one of the rings of the safety collar in the snap hook of the leash.
  2. Place the safety collar around your dog's neck in addition to your regular collar.
  3. Attach the leash hook to the D-Ring of your dog's collar AND the second ring of the safety collar.

Please note that you should never attach your leash (retractable or conventional) to the dog's ID tags because they're not strong enough.

Please Note

A safety collar is included in every doggo retractable leash packaging. If you have lost yours along the way or it was not inside your leash packaging, we offer a complimentary replacement for each doggo retractable leash you have purchased.

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